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This area has lesson plans and resources
that have been developed by Kate Farrell
during the PGCE (Computing) course.


Econopoly Game

This is a board game designed to show the economic implications of computers and General Purpose Packages. It covers the Standard Grade Computing course aims of initial costs, staff costs, running costs and replacement costs.

Email me and I can send you a program for printing Monopoly money

Make your own Econopoly!

Powerpoint / Multimedia (Standard Grade)
"Rebuild Our School"

Intro Activity OHP: Change the world
Lesson Plans
Council Memo

Multimedia (Intermediate Two / 5-14)
"Alien Invasion"

Intermediate Two Lesson Plans
5-14 Project: Report & Lesson Plans
5-14 Project: Powerpoint Presentation

Web Design

Lesson Plan
Web Design Powerpoint presentation

Appleworks Painting

Lesson Plans
Miniture Pictures Task Sheets

Space Invaders - example of bitmaps


Quia online quizzes
(Robotics and Prolog)

Other Stuff

test-me OHP


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