Rebuild Our School


Portobello High School is old, overcrowded, and needs rebuilt. Your job is to create a multimedia presentation persuading the council to knock down Portobello High School and build a new school.


1. Create Powerpoint slides

Create Powerpoint slides saying why the old building should be demolished and why the new building would be good.

2. Add images

Pick a clipart image or find other images online,
and add the images to your presentation

3. Add photos

Use a photo of the school and add
special effects like cracks in the walls

(Find out more about how to do this)

4. Add video

Plan and create a video clip

Or you can pick a video clip here

5. Add sound

Plan and create a sound clip. You can make a sound clip of:

  • An interview with a reporter, asking about the campaign
  • Your message to the Council about the current building
  • A radio advert, asking people to support your campaign

Or you can pick a sound clip here

6. Add a scanned drawing

Draw an "artists impression" of the new school,
and scan it in to the computer

7. Put it all together

Put your images, text, sound and video clips
into the Powerpoint presentation

8. Show your Presentation

Present your powerpoint slide show to the rest of your class


Read the Council's memo


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